Miaoux Miaoux at Flat 0/1, 7th March 2012

Miaoux Miaoux is the name 26 year old Glaswegian indie dance pop producer Julian Corrie releases his music under.

His forthcoming album on Chemikal Underground is hotly anticipated by those in the know and Flat 0/1 is packed with people in trendy spectacles as a result.

As a venue Flat 0/1 is a slightly gimmicky space to be in.  The interior is decked out to look like a flat complete with kitchen sink at the bar and cabinets on the wall behind.  At one point I was seated in a bath that had been chopped in half, filled with cushions and chained to the ceiling.

Even if you find the ambience this creates a bit irritating, the free biscuits laid out on the tables around the pub serve as pretty decent compensation.

Don’t expect luxury biscuits.  There aren’t any Fox’s Chocolate Creams here.  Instead they have a selection of standard issue budget biscuits.  Custard creams are available.  Chocolate chip cookies are piled high at the bar.

I haven’t checked every table in the place, but there don’t seem to be any Hob Nobs.  It’s possible that they don’t regard oat-based biscuits as being in keeping with the trendy atmosphere they are trying to create.  Personally, I think the evening would be improved by oaty biscuits.  Jammy Dodgers wouldn’t go amiss too.

The support act tonight are a band from Edinburgh called Homework.  Their competent, and slightly experimental, brand of electro-suffused indie keeps the audience entertained while they wait for Miaoux Miaoux to take to the stage.

Miaoux Miaoux himself added live overdubs to the music as he played, which is an impressive feat.  The end result was slightly underwhelming, however.

At one stage he played bass while recorded samples were playing over the top.  In spite of his live manipulation of the sounds, it did give the impression of someone playing along to a backing track and lacked some of the excitement you hope for in a live show as a result.


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